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Marketing Your Home

  How I Market Your Home to Sell!   Marketing your for sale home is more than just posting it on the MLS and waiting for a buyer. You want your property to be in front of as many potential buyers as possible. This is why hiring an agent who knows how to properly promote a […]

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How I Market Your Home to Sell!


Marketing your for sale home is more than just posting it on the MLS and waiting for a buyer. You want your property to be in front of as many potential buyers as possible. This is why hiring an agent who knows how to properly promote a home is important as it can make or break how fast you sell your home, and for how much.

Together, we can get your home sold not only quickly but also for top dollar.

Online Marketing

Let’s face it – we’re past the age of newspapers and magazines to sell your home and find buyers. Most buyers are searching online.

The modern way of selling your home is by placing your listing on the Internet to possibly get in front of billions of potential buyers. This tried and tested way has attracted millions of people, at a faster rate than ever before. Billions of people are on the web for different reasons – using Google search, skimming through social media and, of course, scouting for their dream home. Everyone’s online these days and I am knowledgeable in online marketing. I go above and beyond to create website for your home’s listing. I then promote it across social media and search engines to drive traffic to your home.

  • Exclusive Listing Website

I start by creating a website exclusively for your property. This will be the place where all the necessary information for your home is on. This includes professional images, descriptions, contact information, open house dates, etc. The work I put into your site will build its presence online, helping your home find a buyer through maximum exposure.

  • Social Media

The average person has five social media accounts and spends approximately two hours a day scrolling through them. Think about it – That’s billions of people worldwide that are constantly connected to the web. That’s also a billion potential home buyers we can reach to sell your home. Social Media should be a part of any modern Realtor’s tools of the trade. A seller needs to hire an agent that knows the in and outs of social media, and that’s what you’re getting with me.

As an owner of a Social Media marketing company for the past four years, I am savvy on how to connect to those millions of people on social media. Any one of those millions could find your home during those daily two hours and become the buyer of your home. Old school marketing techniques alone won’t cut it in this business anymore, and with me, you’re getting the most up-to-date marketing methods to sell your home for top dollar and fast.

  • Search Engines

Most buyers start their search with a simple search on google for – “Homes in Orlando.” Having your home on the top of that search means more exposure. Using my expertise and your exclusive website can make that happen. It’s the difference between being on the front cover of the newspaper and being on page 25.

(Statistics for keywords such as “Buy house in Orlando”)

These statistics show that any one of these people searching for these keywords could potentially purchase your home. Their dream home could be yours but they’d never know unless we use proper marketing methods such as mine to place your home in front of them and since their search might begin on a search engine its best for your home to appear on the search engine.

  • Real Estate Search Websites

When I take on a listing, they are posted on over 350 real estate search websites where buyers visit often. This means your home has a larger reach.



  • OmarChomes.com

Your home will also be featured on this site, which is actively advertised throughout the web using pay-per-click campaigns. OmarCHomes is constantly upgraded to maximize the amount of traffic it generates by SEO – Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Amount of Buyers who found their home on the Internet*


My Team – Keller Williams Realty

My team, Keller Williams Realty, is 130,000+ real estate agents strong worldwide. That’s 130,000+ agents who can potentially refer businesses to Florida whether they are out-of-state or out of the country. This results in a lot more potential buyers knowing your home exist. The company also spends approximately 1.5 million dollars a month to equip their agents with the technology to help manage their business and sell homes. Considering that the Keller Williams logo is recognizable and respected, having it in front of your house on that “For Sale” sign would be a plus.

Proactive Marketing

Most agents in the field wait for buyers to approach them. I work conversely. I proactively search for buyers daily. This includes contacting buyer leads, other Realtors, printing necessary materials, posting your listing on the web and more. You need an agent that works diligently to sell your home fast.

Amount of Buyers who found their home through a Real Estate Agent*


  • Communicating with Agents

Even if your home is posted on multiple listing services, agents may not even know that it’s for sale! With so many other homes listed the agent could potentially miss yours. I actively contact agents to inform them and bring it to their attention that your home is for sale and to refer their buyers.

  • Open Houses

I coordinate open houses and promote them to attract as many buyers as possible. They visit your home and can instantly fall in love.

  • Custom Printed Marketing Material

My experience in designing allows me to create and print high quality listing sheets, postcards, flyers, brochures and door hangers to promote your home. This generates traffic to your home’s exclusive website where potential buyers can learn more about the property and schedule a visit.

As you can see, I do a lot more than your average Realtor. An agent needs to stay up-to-date on all marketing and technological tools to get the job done. With a worldwide company of over 130,000 backing me up and the latest in online marketing technology at my disposal, I can assure you that the selling process will be effortless. Count on me to get you top dollar for your property at the fastest rate available.

The future of real estate is here and I am astute in all that it entails.

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